SQA Information

SQA Assemblies 2018

Information for Candidates – Study Leave

  • Pupils with one or more N5 exams are entitled to Study Leave. Please note N5 PE does not have an exam.

  • Pupils who do not have exams and are following N4 or N3 courses only (or N4/N3 and PE N5) should continue to attend school.  Course work and assessments for these courses may need to be completed in order to achieve the full award.

  • Study Leave for everyone begins on Monday 30th of April.

  • All pupils should return to school on Monday 4th of June.

  • On return, the new timetable for Senior School will begin – an extremely important time! Attendance is essential.


    SQA Information for Candidates – General

  • Make sure you have your Candidate number with you at each exam!

  • You have been issued with a pack of information from SQA – make sure you read it all very carefully!

  • Look on the SQA website for advice on how you receive your results in August. Use My SQA e.g to register for a text message.

  • Some exams happen on holidays or in-service days. On these dates there will be no food available and Transport will only be provided for those who are entitled to bus transport the rest of the year.

  • Some exams run on after the end of the school day. Again Transport will only be provided for pupils entitled to bus transport.

  • Uniform is expected for all attendance at school (study or exams) throughout the Exam Period.  This is for Security Reasons!

  • Pupils studying subjects at other schools will receive a timetable from this school and will sit the exam in the other establishment.

  • Please refer to the exam timetable the school has provided you with throughout as the times MAY differ slightly from the SQA website timetable.

  • Pupils sitting Sociology will not see this exam on their timetable as it has been registered via the college. The exam will take place in Coatbridge High School on Friday the 25th of May and pupils should attend the school to sit the exam on this day at 9am.


    SQA Information for Candidates – Illness and absence

  • If you are absent from an exam for very good reasons e.g. illness, you MUST contact the school as soon as possible!

  • Appointments are generally not considered a very good reason.

  • You should provide a medical line (to Mrs Burton) so that the SQA can consider your award! Please note there is a very limited window to do this and there is other paperwork to fill in before SQA will consider your request for consideration.

  • You cannot sit an exam later than the date originally set! There is no ‘re-sit’ facility if you miss an exam!


    SQA and School Expectations

  • You must arrive in plenty of time for each exam! If you are late you may not be allowed to enter the exam room.

  • If you are late you must report to the School Office and see Mrs Burton (or a member of the SLT) who will make a decision about whether you can enter the exam – but entry will only be granted in very special circumstances!

  • You must allow yourself time to take a note of the venue and your seat number for each exam, then go directly to that seat once the hall /room is open.

  • As in the Prelims Venue and Seat number information will be posted up each day in the Dining Area.

  • Bags should be placed at the back of the hall and you will not be able to go into them after the exam has started.

  • Phones CANNOT be taken into the exam room. This is without exception!

  • You cannot leave the exam, unless given permission.  Make sure you visit the toilet in plenty of time before your exam is due to begin.

  • There should be no talking in the hall / classroom venue and no use of notes etc which the invigilator does not issue / allow.

  • If the exam board thinks there has been cheating they will contact the school and they will stop your award.


    Information for SQA

  • See Pack!

  • Please check that ALL personal information eg. Name, address, postcode, date of birth etc is correct.

  • Failure to have this correct may result in your certificate not arriving at your home in August.

  • If any of this information is not correct please speak to Mrs Burton or Mrs Gibson at the end of the assembly. Change of address will require a council tax letter as proof.

  • If you believe your exam timetable is not correct, please wait and speak to Mrs Burton or Mrs Gibson.

  • Take your pack away and read it carefully.

  • Make sure you give your letter to your parent / carer. Information will also be available on the school website.

  • Any amendments to your timetable or your information on the system will be dealt with as soon as possible and sorted for you as individuals.




    What’s Next?

  • Attend school between now and Study Leave.

  • Study! Use the SQA App to create a plan.

  • Good Luck!