CHS Has Talent

Great Night at the Talent Show.

Pupils, parents and staff were treated to a night of great entertainment by the stars of CHS. Hosts, Rachel Watt and Rachel McCormack, brought humour and sparkle to the event and encouraged all of the acts, especially those who were feeling a little bit nervous.

The cast of school show ‘Calamity Jane’ sang a jaunty ‘Windy City’. Definitely buy tickets for the June show! Other highlights of the evening included Faith Davidson (S4) performing a beautiful modern dance to ‘The Greatest Showman’ and Abby Docherty (S1) singing ‘Girl on Fire’. Little Abby’s powerful voice took the audience by surprise and won us over. The talent show would not have been complete without Mr Cowie ‘I only do one song’ and his energetic, hilarious performance of ‘Uptown Funk’. Pupils and staff may have seen Mr Cowie perform ‘Uptown Funk’ before, but as the crash mat and trampoline were brought onto the stage and the two hosts enlisted as backing dancers, we knew this would be a performance with a difference. Mr Cowie did not disappoint. He even stripped off his jacket so that he could really bust some moves. And the audience loved it! The school band (Ross McEwan, Heather Muir, Elise Cunningham, Lewis Hendry and Sophie Hunter) performed their own song, ‘Dolce Vita’ to great applause. These guys are seasoned pros, having won Battle of the Bands 2018. Next, the acrobats from ‘Gravity’ (Samuel Docherty, Scott Jackson (S3), Ben Richmond, and Bailey Allan (S3)) impressed the audience, performing dives, flips and somersaults, weaving their way through the hall. Their show ended with one gymnast diving over a 3-man pyramid as the audience erupted into applause. Next, Mia Beckett (S4) gave an emotional performance of ‘This is Me’, effortlessly switching between a caressing gentle tone and a ‘don’t mess with me’ powerhouse of a voice. Lewis Denton’s (S6) impersonation of Beyonce’s ‘Crazy in Love’ followed. Host, Rachel Watt, quipped, ‘we can’t put his performance down to anything other than one of a kind’ and she was right. Lewis clearly enjoyed strutting around the stage in his blonde wig and glittery eyelashes. And he had a lot of fans in the audience. The staff band (the very talented Mr Bryson on drums, Mr MacKay on guitar, Mr Cruikshank on bass and Miss Duncan and Miss Love on vocals) performed a grungy ‘Zombie’ and the crowd-pleaser ‘I love Rock and Roll.’

Jim Park, Head of Music for North Lanarkshire and Head Judge commended all of the performers for giving 100%. Mrs O’Neill congratulated them for having the confidence to come up on stage and perform. Mrs O’Neill was absolutely right. It was wonderful to see so many pupils entering the competition and so many of their friends supporting them.


Young Entertainer of the Year: Mia Beckett
Second Place: Faith Davidson
Joint Third Place: Gravity (Samuel Docherty, Scott Jackson, Ben Richmond, and Bailey Allan) and Dolce Vita (Ross McEwan, Heather Muir, Elise Cunningham, Lewis Hendry and Sophie Hunter)