St Andrews Hospice Ambassadors

Hospice Fundraising Update.

Thanks to the generosity of the staff, pupils and parents of CHS we have managed to raise £6,011 - this includes fundraising events such as the 6K, Tinto, Ben Nevis, the School Christmmas Fayre, Pi Day and the Literacy Festival.

Our S6 Ambassadors also raised another £1,620 from a charity night they organised themselves in a local nightclub bringing our total up to an amazing ...


Coatbridge High School is involved in the S6 Ambassador Initiative with St Andrews Hospice. This year 15 S6 pupils volunteered as Ambassadors for the Hospice. This involved them organising events in school to raise money for the Hospice as well as raise the profile of the Hospice in the local community. Mrs Hunter, the schools Hospice event co-ordinator said, 'This is the 4th year Coatbridge High School have taken part in the Ambassador Programme and our young people have excelled in their volunteer work. They have shown initiative in planning, organising and taking part in events throughout the year, such as the 6K Run, Christmas Fayre and even a charity night in a local nightclub. The school is very proud of their comittment and they are a credit to both the school and their parents.' Some of the Ambassadors are pictured receiving their Volunteer awards from the Hospice with Depute year head, Mrs Hart and Ruth Richardson from the Hospice schools Liason team.