Talent Show

Another Brilliant Talent Show!

Coatbridge High School put on another magnificent performance at the annual Talent Show on Wednesday 29th March. The evening began with much anticipation as the lights dimmed and a voice to rival the X-Factor Announcer (John Armstrong S6) welcomed us. Brooke MacFadyen and Alana Moore (S6) then sang Beauty and the Beast, promoting the school show to be held on 21, 22, 23 June. What an advert! Buy your tickets early. We were then treated to wonderfully confident singing and dancing performances from S1-S6 pupils including Jessica Hillman (S1) singing Clown by Emili Sande, Leah McAlinden (S1) singing Feeling Good by Nina Simone. Leah Gray (S1) sang Wings by Birdy. With her gorgeous, quirky voice, she is a proper little popstar. The New Kids Dance Group (S1 and S4) performed in perfect synchronicity. Four out of the 12 acts featured S1 pupils, showing that the next generation are making themselves heard already. For many, the highlight of the night was Mr Cowie (Depute)/Sia, complete with blonde wig, flat cap and sunglasses, performing Cheap Thrills with Liam Cassidy (S4). With the audience yelling ‘I love cheap thrills’ and Mr Cowie performing a headstand with froglegs move, there could be no doubt the crowd were delighted with the first half of the show.

The second half featured more stellar performances, including Connah Grant (S6) playing guitar and singing Perfect by Ed Sheeran and Lauren Friel (S3) singing a pitch-perfect Stay by Rhianna. For the final act, our school band, The Dented Velveteens (featuring base guitar, keyboard, guitar, sax, trumpet and vocals) played Happy by Pharrell Williams and their own Follow You, written by base player, Elise Cunningham (S5).

While the judges (Mrs O’Neill, Ms Barclay and School Captains, Callum Fyfe and Niamh Woodward) retired to make a very difficult decision, the staff band entertained us with Miss Duncan singing You Got the Love and Ms Love singing Jolene. Mr Bryson, Mr MacKay, Mr Cruikshank, Miss Duncan and Miss Love, you are all genuinely, annoyingly talented!

Mrs O’Neill declared that ‘There is no doubt CHS definitely does have talent’ and announced the winners:

1st Place: Dented Velveteens (Elise Cunningham (S5), Justin Harvie (S3), Ross McEwan (S5), Lewis Hendry (S3), Brooke MacFadyen (S6), Heather Muir (S5), Graeme Riddell (S5), Jack Smith (S3), Ciara Thomson (S4).
2nd Place: Leah Gray (S1) singing Wings by Birdy.
3rd Place (3 acts because they were all wonderful): Jessica Hillman singing Clown by Emili Sande, Lauren Friel (S3) singing Stay by Rhianna and Ellie Hamill (S3) singing City of Stars from La La Land.

The Talent Show brought pupils, staff, parents and friends together in celebration of our brilliant young people. It’s the kind of event pupils will remember long after they leave school. A big thank you to Mr Calder for stage-managing the event and to everyone who helped to make the night such a success.