Work Placements 2018

Work placements 8th - 12th October 2018.


Taking part in a Work Placement is a very worthwhile process. It not only gives our S4 pupils an idea of the world of work but it may also help them decide their pathway after they leave education. The majority of the young people who have taken part in a work placement in the past have found it a very worthwhile experience and quite a few have been offered part-time jobs as well as two or three who have successfully gained employment after they have left school e.g. through apprenticeships etc.


With this in mind the process has NOW begun for the new S4. The DYW teachers have explained the process and what happens next.


Mr. Crumlish, the work placement coordinator, has begun to give out the Self Found forms that are required to be filled in by the employer and if any pupil does not have one of these then they should either see him or their DYW teacher ASAP.


However, although the Work Placement week begins on the 8th of October, pupils will be expected to have a placement arranged by Friday AUGUST 31st. This is due to North Lanarkshire Council’s Health and Safety checks and administration process. (**Please note: It is NLC who decide if the placement is suitable for the pupil NOT Coatbridge High School)


The school office will be open throughout the summer holidays so if there are any Self Found forms completed at this time then these can be posted to or handed into the office during normal school hours.


If you have any questions or queries about Work Placements then please feel free to contact Mr. Crumlish at the school.