Head Teacher's Message

Mrs O'Neill

Dear Parents, Carers, Pupils, Staff and Friends of Coatbridge High,

I hope you all had a restful and enjoyable break over the festive season although I am sure it feels like such a long time ago already! The newsletter is a little later coming out this month due to the disruption with the weather, but I am sure you will still be keen to read all the news about the various events before Christmas.

We had a brilliant end to the term with a hugely successful Christmas Fayre, Christmas Celebration, a trip to the panto for S1, a cinema trip for S1 - 4 pupils as well as the annual ‘Winter Wonderland Ball’ for our senior pupils. All of these were a great success and I am very grateful to all the staff involved in the organisation of these events. You will see photos of our young people enjoying themselves within the newsletter and there are many more on our website www.coatbridgehigh.org.uk

Our Christmas Celebration was another wonderful showcase for our many talented musicians and singers. It was a superb evening organised by Principal Teacher of the PE and Performing Arts Faculty Mr McMahon, ably assisted by his team of staff within the faculty. We had a new addition this year in the form of our first ever panto which was written by Ms Love and Ms McCallum of the Drama department. It was performed wonderfully by our pupils with some cameo appearances from staff. It was absolutely fantastic…oh yes it was! Thanks to everyone for all their hard work in preparing for such a successful evening.

This newsletter also features an article about our first ever ‘ Shakespeare in Coatbridge’ evening which the English Department and Mr Reid from Humanities organised. It was hosted by S6 pupils and we also had a guest appearance from Shakespeare himself, in the form of former pupil and friend of the school Fraser Burns. We enjoyed performances of excerpts of some of Shakespeare’s best known works as well as a public speaking competition on the topic of Shakespeare. It was a fantastic evening and you can read all about it within this newsletter.

Cakefest is also featured in the newsletter and I would like to thank Ms Dick of the Art department and the pupils involved for all their hard work. Watch out for them in years to come on ‘The Great British Bake Off’! These are just some of the things which have been going on in the school, there are too many to mention here, but I hope you will agree that your children are well served with the opportunities available to them in Coatbridge High School.

Pupils and staff have been voting on what we believe our values and aspirations are and how we can summarise this in a statement. The Parent Council have also voted and we will be asking for parental input at events which are coming up in the next few weeks. This statement will not replace the Latin school motto ‘Laborare Est Precare’ which translates as ‘To Work is to Pray’ but rather it will complement this with something the pupils have chosen themselves. Watch this space for the announcement of our new vision and values motto coming soon!

This term we are looking carefully at pupil attendance and latecoming. We appreciate that pupils cannot always avoid absence due to ill health or specific circumstances, however even if a pupil has 90% attendance they have missed approximately half a day of school every week over a school session. Pupils will be reminded at assemblies about the importance of good attendance however we do need your support in sending your children to school, on time. Parental holidays during term time may also be unavoidable for parents who work in specific sectors, however wherever possible we would encourage you not to take your child out of school during term time. It is your child’s responsibility to catch up on any missed work if you choose to take them out of school on holiday.

I would also like to ask thank you for your support with uniform. Blazers should still be worn under the warmer jackets, the warm winter jackets should be black in colour. Jeans are not allowed to be worn in school, this includes black jeans.

You may be aware that the majority of our young people go into the town centre at lunchtime. I am sure you will appreciate that whilst some of the town centre shops and take always benefit from their business there can at times be issues with litter being left behind. Please ask your child to ensure they are putting their litter in the bins provided in the town centre. This will help reinforce the message we are giving them in here about litter. If pupils are reported as dropping litter or causing a disturbance in the town centre then they will lose the privilege to go into the town at lunchtime. I would also encourage you to ask your child to use the school canteen where we know the food is not only excellent but also cooked to a strict healthy standard and priced very reasonably.

I hope you enjoy this newsletter and please remember to follow us on twitter and to check the school website for regular updates about the school.

Thank you for your continued support.

Janie O'Neill
Head Teacher
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