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Week Beginning 14th August 2017

All pupils are reminded of the high standard of behaviour expected in school and in the local community at lunchtime. 
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Pupils are reminded of the mobile phone policy. Pupils should not have their phones out in class unless it is with the permission of the teacher to support learning in class.

Pupils MUST NEVER use their phones to film staff, this is a very serous matter and will be treated as such with serious consequences. The same rules apply for filming other pupils without their permission. You should also note that social media sites are checked regularly and anyone found to be uploading footage taken in the school will be identified and dealt with. Please keep yourself safe online and respect the privacy of others.

LITTER (Mrs O'Neill)
All litter should be placed in bins, pupils are currently allowed to bring in food which has not been bought in the canteen, this is not the case in every school. Please therefore ensure your litter from local fast food establishments is put in the bin or you may not be allowed to bring food in from outwith.

Pupils are reminded once again that unless you have a corridor pass from a teacher you should not be in the corridors wandering about. There should be no loitering in stairwells, there has been litter and spillages left in stairwells recently which is dangerous. If you are caught in the stairwells you will be punished.

As you are aware we are situated very close to the town centre in a residential area. Many of our pupils go into the town centre at lunchtime or to McDonalds and KFC. We would prefer that our young people stay in school to eat a healthy meal, however we do understand the attraction of the town centre. Unfortunately we have had some complaints recently about behaviour of pupils on their way to and from the town centre and the dropping of litter around Muiryhall Street. There was also some recent concern about road safety as pupils run across roads in front of cars, endangering themselves and the driver. Any pupil caught misbehaving at lunchtime will lose this privilege.