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A Campbell (PT)
R Crumlish, S Fleming, P Cavanagh

A team of 10 girls from Coatbridge High School progressed through to the national final of the Construction and Building Environment Challenge (CABEC) after their visit to Caledonian University on Wednesday 16th November. The girls competed against St. Pauls High School and Rosshall Academy - both from Glasgow – in heat 6 of the competition. The schools battled it out over three challenges with Team Coatbridge winning all of the three challenges set by the organisers. Team leaders Abigail Gibson and Natasha McGuire led the team well through challenge one where the task was to work through the stages of construction for the new Glasgow museum building. The girls then had to use their numeracy skills in costing the project using the information and gantt chart available. The girls then progressed into challenge two where they were set task of constructing the Motherwell College logo from pieces of plumbing equipment. Each team member contributed well and finished the task in record time. The final challenge was for the girls to work with levelling equipment used in the construction industry, and using their teamwork skills, to work together and work out distances between points and also the heights of these points. The team came together on this one and managed to complete it successfully. On announcing the winners, organiser Jim McDowall advised that Team Coatbridge had won the three challenges outright. This magnificent achievement means that the girls will now compete in the final which will be held at The National Stadium, Hampden Park, in January where they will compete against 9 other schools. The girls are members of the S2 Craft Club at Coatbridge High School. A massive congratulations to all; Abigail Gibson, Natasha McGuire, Natalie Wilkie, Cara Allan, Jennifer McLeod, Jemma Murtagh, Stephanie Power, Robyn Pride, Dana McIlroy and Megan Wilkes.

Well Done girls, you done yourselves and your school proud!

Jemma Murtagh said “Task two was the most enjoyable because the whole team worked well together and really enjoyed the task. To see everyone involved in some capacity was great. The whole event was really exciting and we are all looking forward to our day at the National Stadium. We also got a very warm reception back at the school from our HeadTeacher which made it worthwhile”.

Abigail Gibson said “All of the tasks were good with some being harder that others. I enjoyed representing Coatbridge High School and we all had a great day. We are all really excited about the competition Finale”

Mr Lester, accompanying teacher, said “The girls did really well today. They showed they were prepared to work as a team from the start and bonded really well together. They all enjoyed the tasks and they were buzzing all the way home on the bus talking about the final in January. They should do well if they work as hard as they did today. They were brilliant”. 

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