PEPA Faculty - Music

Welcome to the Extra Curricular Page

Lunchtime Rehearsals:

Monday: String Group

Tuesdays: Junior Singing Group (S1 and 2). Junior Keyboard Club. Drop-in for Advanced Higher (Miss Fernie)

Wednesdays: Guitar Extravaganza (All years) (Jazz Band)

Thursdays: Senior Vocal Group (S3 and up, all welcome). Percussion Group.

Fridays: Drop-in for Nat 5 and Advanced Higher (Miss Fernie) . Jazz Band.

After School Supported Study:

Tuesdays: Highers (Mrs Stibbs), Highers (Miss Barclay) - Day to be confirmed.

Thursday: Nat 5 (Mr McMahon after Oct Break)

After School Regional Groups:

For all wind band instrumentalists and singers (S1-6)
Fridays: 4pm - 6pm in Coatbridge High starting after the October Break.

Prepatory Band (S1-3)

Wind Band (on recommendation)

Senior Ensemble (on recommendation)

Choir (S1-6) All welcome

Jazz Ensemble (on recommendation)

Pipe Band (on recommendation)

See anyone from the Music Dept if interested in joining.