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I Bryson (PT)
 J Mailley, K McCann, H McLaughlin, P McLaughlin, L Morrison (PTPS), A Mullen, A Nicholson (PTPS)

Pi Day 14th March (3.14)

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Courses Offered
S1-3: CfE Broad General Education

S4: National 3 Lifeskills Maths, National 4 Lifeskills Maths, National 4 Maths, National 5 Maths

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S5/6: National 4 Maths, National 5 Maths, Higher Maths, Advanced Higher Maths 

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Course Resources
The following link will take you to resources for all Mathematics Courses.

Online Resources
Commercial resource aiming to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics using graphical calculator software programs for Texas Instruments calculators. The programs (which have been written by the head of mathematics in a Scottish secondary school) can be used with all ages and abilities and alongside normal teaching resources and practice. Calculator Software

Pupils of all year groups are encouraged to view information online to help them while studying Mathematics. The following websites are useful to begin with:

A Maths Dictionary for Kids

BBC Bitesize

HSN Notes Higher (All notes listed by Outcome)

HSN Notes Advanced Higher

SQA Website (access to Past Papers for all levels)


Maths Puzzles and Game Websites

Past Papers and Answers Click Here.