On Thursday 24th November 2016, seven of our S1 pupils participated in a public speaking competition.

All pupils researched and delivered speeches on a conspiracy theory of their choice. Chosen conspiracy theories were: Oliver McGuire - The Loch Ness Monster Exists, Aimee Cummings and Abbie Hamilton - The Earth is Flat, Emma Louise Ormand and Leah Gray - The Loch Ness Monster is an Elephant and Lucy McWhinnie and Sarah Mancy - The Nelson Mandela Conspiracy Theory.

All pupils deleivered excellent speeches and responded well to challenging questions put to them by our S2 audience. However, after much deliberation from our judges the winners were:

Overall Winners: Emma Louise Ormand (1C2) and Leah Gray (1A2)
Winner as Voted for by our Audience: Oliver McGuire (1C2)
Best Audience Member: Owen Gilchrist (2C2)

Well done to all who took part. The standard of speeches were extremely high.

The CHS Public Speaking team, made up of S1, S2 and S3 pupils, took part in a fantastic competition on Tuesday 29th March 2016. The theme for the event was Health and Wellbeing.

The pupils spent the better part of a month preparing topics, researching, writing and structuring their speeches in time for the main event. The majority of this work was completely independent, with some input from Mr Reid in the Humanities Department with regards to the structuring of the speech, and from Miss Burns in the English Department with regards to the performance element of the speech. The pupils did the school proud as they worked hard and proved to be very confident young individuals.

The event itself was hosted by ex-pupil Fraser Burns, now a university drama student. Guest judges appeared in the shape of Mr Scott, PT of the English Department, Mr Brown of the Humanities Department and S6 House Captain Matthew Watt. The judges’ standards were high, and it is safe to say they were definitely met on the day as the pupils were very impressive in their overall delivery and performance in front of a large audience of staff and pupils. Fraser entertained the audience with a Dermot O’Leary style performance.

The pupils who took part were:

Isla Leer Reid, Holly Duigan and Ryan Donaldson -S3 (The negatives of Body Image, especially in men)
Josh McColl and Rachel McGarrity – S3 (Are Celebrities really Role Models?)
Chloe Matthew and Holly Muir – S2 (Video Games are good)
Ellie Hamill and Jessica Dunion – S2 (School Uniform should be banned)
Ross McCarroll and Erin Cummings – S1 (There should be more PE in schools)
Caitlin McGhee and Morgan Jo Reilly – S1 (We need more exercise)

Josh McColl and Rachel McGarrity of Caledonia House were very worthy winners on the day, and runners-up were new kids on the block, Ross McCarroll and Erin Cummings, who also earned points for Caledonia House.

The competition was tough, the standard was high and the pupils were fantastic!

On Wednesday 22nd February 2016, primary six pupils from five of our associated primary schools took part in Coatbridge High School's first ever primary public speaking competition. The primary schools that participated were: Kirkshaws, Langloan, Carnbroe, Old Monklands and Greenhill who were excellent audience members.

The two hour event began with an ice breaker and warm up exercises led by ex pupil Fraser Burns. Both pupils and staff enjoyed this immensely. Afterwards, a selection of pupils from Coatbridge High School's Public Speaking group worked with and mentored the primary pupils in the lead up to the competition. They all did an excellent job.

The competition that followed was hosted by S3 pupils Rachel McGarrity (3C2) and Ryan Donaldson (3C2) and judged by Mr Scott (PT English), Mr Reid (History Teacher) and Fraser Burns (Ex Pupil). Both hosts and judges could almost have passed as professionals. I think Simon Cowell missed a trick when looking for replacement hosts and judges for this years X Factor. Maybe next year!

The speakers themselves surpassed all of our expectations. All speeches were centered around the topic of Health and Wellbeing. The pupils were well rehearsed, made use of persuasive techniques and had taken the time to develop powerpoints and make props. They were all fantastic. After much deliberation from the judges, Ian from Kirkshaws Priimary School was crowned our worthy winner!

Well done Ian and well done to everyone who took part! You did yourselves proud.

Seven members of our Public Speaking group have been awarded with a Satire Award for their contributions to public speaking and participation in the Strathclyde University Debate Workshop on Wednesday 3rd February 2016.

Pictured above: Morgan Jo Reilly (1A2), Jessica Dunion (2P2) and Ellie Hamil (2P2)
Not pictured: Josh McColl (3C2), Rachel McGarrity (3C2), Erin Cummings (1C1) Caitlin McGhee (1A2)

A selection of pupils from S1 - S3 were involved in Coatbridge High's second Public Speaking competition. This took place on Monday 2nd November 2015. The pupils had to choose someone famous and persuade the audience as to why this person should be saved should their hot air balloon run into trouble.

The overall winners were:

First Place - Jessica Dunion 2P2
Second Place - Josh McColl 3C2
Third Place - Jordan Gardiner 3C2
Endeavour Award - Caitlin McGhee 1A2.

Two members of our S1 audience were also awarded prizes for their ability to ask insightful questions.
The winners were James Caddell 1A2 and Ross McCarroll 1C2.

All pupils who participated did a fantastic job.

Public Speaking Workshop in Association with Strathclyde University

A selection of S1, S2 and S3 pupils took part in this workshop in school on Wednesday 7th October 2015 with Strathclyde University Debate Team. The aim of the day was to promote confidence and build on public speaking skills and the afternoon ended with a short competition. The winners were Caitlin McGhee and Morgan Jo Reilly of 1A2, runner up was Jordan Gardener of 3C2 and third place runner up was Holly Muir, 2C2.

The pupils had a great, interactive afternoon and really they were all winners!